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Efficient Music License

Efficient Music has three licenses to choose from depending on your project.

1. Social Media and YouTube License
2. Internet, Indie-Film, Video, Free Streaming License
3. Broadcast, Film, Television, Network, Paid Streaming


A license gives you certain rights to use music compositions commercially which may or may not include specific limitations.

Each license is slightly different but designed to be:


• Easy To Use
• Simple To Understand
• Fast and Convenient
• Fair and Affordable
• Safe, Secure & Fully Cleared


All of our licenses have the same characteristics:


- Worldwide Commercial Use
- PRO and Non-PRO Compositions
- Single Use
- No Limits On Usage (unlimited subscribers, unlimited views etc)
- Fully Cleared ie no uncleared samples
- Composer/Producer/Artist gets paid
- Irrevocable

(Once you have paid for a license while a live paid member of Efficient Music, you are allowed to continue to perpetuate any project you have finished and published with any licenses composition in perpetuity with no fear of any claim or lawsuit)

Social Media & YouTube License & Personal/Business Website

From $9.97/month
Royalty Free
$0.00 License Fee
No Limits

Internet, Video, Free-Streaming, Indie Film

From $9.97/month
Royalty Free
No Limits

Broadcast - Television/Film/Network/Paid-Streaming

From $9.97/month
Non-Direct Sync & Performance Royalties (Cue sheets filed, paid through PRO’s etc.)
Fee Negotiable Contact For Pricing

Important Definitions

The following limitations apply to all of our licenses:

1. You must be a live paid member to obtain a license or to use anything for any project whatsoever. When your membership runs out you lose all rights to any composition for any project that has not been Published and you will have no rights to publish any project using any Efficient Music composition.
2. You cannot resell the compositions or claim them as your own or offer them for sale as compositions or include them as is within anything for sale including but not limited to catalogs, membership sites etc.
3. You must purchase a license if you actually use a composition in a project, even if for $0.00 for royalty free $0.00 licenses, in order to receive and activate the license and to officially get the rights therein to use the composition in question. This ensures the great people making all the awesome compositions get fairly treated and paid. Failure to do this may result in lawsuit even if the composition in question is $0.00. You cannot download a License just in case you wish to use it and retain the license after your membership runs out. In order to use a composition within a Project and obtain a legitimate license you must be a paid and active member of Efficient Music.

4. You cannot use the compositions to create sound recordings to sell as a music artist or band or similar. You can use the compositions to create ads and use as background music for commercial and non-commercial purposes, but you cannot use them to make songs for labels or artists or singers or rappers or spoken artists... If you are interested in a specific beat or instrumental or producer or composer please contact us as we have deals in place with each producer and composer to provide you custom production based off of specific sounds and beats you like...


Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok

YouTube – Means YouTube or Vimeo Channels but not YouTube Movies or YouTube TV or Vimeo Premium.

Personal/Business Websites – If you are the owner of the website this qualifies, but not for clients and others websites or sites you are advertising on.

Internet – Something that is being delivered over the Internet or on another Website.

Video – Means any project where the end product is video, besides content specifically for YouTube or Vimeo.

Free Streaming – These are sites that offer free streaming of tv or film type content or audio streaming sites where the end product is audio only.

Indie Film – This is a film that is not produced by a major studio and which has a limited budget of under $1 Million.

Broadcast – Anything that is distributed to many people at the same time over a specific medium.

Television – Anything broadcast over a Network Channel including the Networks Internet and Social Channels unless the Network is using a composition specifically for YouTube or Social Media for their own project and which isn’t airing on another platform outside of Social Media and YouTube.

Film – Anything with a budget over $1 Million

Network – Any owner of multiple stations or channels.

Paid-Streaming – Netflix, VimeoPro, YouTube TV etc.