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How To Sell Your Music On Efficient Music

Get your fully owned productions, compositions and sound recordings included in efficient music's catalog...

By sending us 3 of your best songs.

We only accept external links such as dropbox and google drive. Please no direct email attachments.

Send the following to

• 3 of your best songs mixed and mastered

• Your name and best email to contact you at


We will review your songs within 4 weeks.

If we feel your music is a good fit for our catalog and platform, we will contact you at the email provided.


How we pay?

Our platform charges monthly memberships instead of single use fees...

• no royalties for social media and youtube & $0.00 license fees

• no royalties for indie film, internet, video, free streaming & Single Use License Fee and 50% of $49.97-2497

• royalties for television, networks, some digital(spotify, in-store kiosks. 50% of any upfront royalty fee.

50% of net membership fees go into a pool. At the end of each quarter all licenses during that period will be tallied. The pool is then divided by the total licenses. 

Pool/Licenses=$per license payout

You are paid by the amount of songs you had licensed times the calculated license payout.

For television and film or any online digital platforms that are paying PRO royalties, you will be paid through your PRO if you have given us accurate details regarding your #'s. We have no control over how much these types of royalties pay.